Standards emerge, American Gods

In the course of this project, I realize I am a much happier reader than writer! Perhaps a standardized set of metadata, elements I would capture for each journal entry, could help ritualize the act of writing. Can one ‘sneak up’ on their own ideas? It is worth an attempt.

For each journal entry, I will note:

To practice, I am re-reading Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. I started reading 09 November 2015. While hard to track, the first reading was prompted by my colleagues in the Scholars’ Lab; and happily, my current re-reading was also prompted by those in the SLab (Ronda has the brilliant idea for a nerdy book club. We are all in.).

Deep in chapter 7, I am thinking a lot about the deep issues the US has with imprisonment, the life and death of gods or god-time? (Not sure that’s a thing), memory and dreams–which will inevitably make me want to re-read Kraken, An Anatomy by Miéville–and loss.

I am always intrigued that Shadow does not recognize the power of gifts bestowed until the gods alert him. He gives almost carelessly, an after-thought.